Giveaway Winners

** To claim your prize, please email your name and the location you will visit. Winners have until June 15, 2020 to claim their prize.

1.Kenzie Fine-----Alderwood- Lynnwood, WA

2.Nicole Getz-----Aspen Grove- Littleton, CO

3.Takisha Ibarra-----Aspen Grove- Littleton, CO

4.Karen Riley-----Austin Landing - Miamisburg, OH

5.Jessica Taylor-----Austin Landing - Miamisburg, OH

6.Jenni Williams-----Austin Landing - Miamisburg, OH

7.Dana Brown-----Austin Landing - Miamisburg, OH

8.Molly Mcdermitt-----Austin Landing - Miamisburg, OH

9.Brooke Simmons-----Baybrook Mall - Friendswood, TX

10.Nance Hansard-----Baybrook Mall - Friendswood, TX

11.Amber Ramirez-----Baybrook Mall - Friendswood, TX

12.Kristina Maria Rose Longoria-----Baybrook Mall - Friendswood, TX

13.Chevy Roberts-----Baybrook Mall - Friendswood, TX

14.Kathy Ooton-Deverick-----Briargate - Colorado Springs, CO

15.Brianna Thompson-----Briargate - Colorado Springs, CO

16.Paige Jackson-----Briargate - Colorado Springs, CO

17.Marcella Bona Berthlotte-----Briargate - Colorado Springs, CO

18. Sara Meadows-----Bridge Park - Dublin, OH

19.Olga Field-Go-----Bridgeport Village- Tigard, OR

20.Browning Elizabeth Ewers-----Bridgeport Village- Tigard, OR

21.Kendra Mcfarland-----Clay Terrace- Carmel, IN

22.Melissa Stevenson-----Corner of Brookfield - Brookfield, WI

23.Rebecca Huber-----Corner of Brookfield - Brookfield, WI

24.Sierra Gorman-----Corner of Brookfield - Brookfield, WI

25.Jalesa Lee Lee Carr-----Eastchase - Montgomery, AL

26.Maria Turner-----Eastchase - Montgomery, AL

27.Taylor Nicole Sharp-----Eastchase - Montgomery, AL

28.Maranda Evans-----Eastchase - Montgomery, AL

29.Ashley Roeten-----Eastchase - Montgomery, AL

30.Alana Killough-----Eastchase - Montgomery, AL

31.Brenda Oden-----Eastchase - Montgomery, AL

32.TJ Perry-----Eastchase - Montgomery, AL

33.Leigh Ann Causey Womack-----Eastchase - Montgomery, AL

34.Nicole Pinto-----Easton - Columbus, OH

35.Meghan Imhulse-----Easton - Columbus, OH

36.Brittney Zappala-----Evergreen- South Windsor, CT

37.Danielle Cyr-----Evergreen- South Windsor, CT

38.Elizabeth Ross Mckee-----Friendly Center - Greensboro, NC

39.Ashley Baker-----Friendly Center - Greensboro, NC

40.Megan Osborn-----Hamilton Town Center - Noblesville, IN

41.Cami Beaty-----Hamilton Town Center- Noblesville, IN

42.Bianca Cruz-----La Cantera - San Antonio, TX

43.Zenia Hinojosa-----La Cantera - San Antonio, TX

44.Rosa Burt-----La Cantera - San Antonio, TX

45.Yaffa Weiss Gorman-----Legacy Village - Lyndhurst, OH

46.Nikki Hohweiler-----Liberty Center - Liberty Township, OH

47.Kami Smith-----Liberty Center - Liberty Township, OH

48.Yajayra Guel-----Liberty Center - Liberty Township, OH

49.Rachel Whims-----Liberty Center - Liberty Township, OH

50.Jessie Perry-----Mayfair - Wauwatosa, WI

51.Katie Sode-----Mayfair - Wauwatosa, WI

52.Marianne Vidal-----Mountain View Village- Riverton, UT

53.Melissa Nay Dever-----Mountain View Village- Riverton, UT

54.Angie Cook-----Mountain View Village- Riverton, UT

55.Randal Elizabeth Fabian-----One Loudoun - Ashburn, VA

56.Beth Cottone-----One Loudoun - Ashburn, VA

57.Jasmine Ocampo-----One Loudoun - Ashburn, VA

58.Laura Kelly-----Portage Crossing - Cuyahoga Falls, OH

59.Jessica Williams Uplinger-----Portage Crossing - Cuyahoga Falls, OH

60.Stefanie Faye-----Portage Crossing - Cuyahoga Falls, OH

61.Brittany Renee-----Prive' Crocker Park - Westlake, OH

62.Janice Lengen Kennedy-----Prive' Crocker Park - Westlake, OH

63.Rachel Drum-----Prive' Crocker Park - Westlake, OH

64.Cheryl Menz-----Prive' Crocker Park - Westlake, OH

65.Shana Anderson-----Prive' Crocker Park - Westlake, OH

66.Nikki Gullatta-----Prive' Crocker Park - Westlake, OH

67.Jennnifer Williams-----Prive' Crocker Park - Westlake, OH

68.Martha Cantrell Greene-----Prive' Crocker Park - Westlake, OH

69.Nichole Chuppa Cheeseman-----Prive' Crocker Park - Westlake, OH

70.Brooke Emilie Booth-----Prive' Maumee- Maumee, OH

71.Destiney Ewing-----Renaissance at Colony - Ridgeland, MS

72.Yvette Reed-----Renaissance at Colony - Ridgeland, MS

73.Kaylyn Arnold-----Renaissance at Colony - Ridgeland, MS

74.Kori Becks-----Shoppes at Parma - Parma, OH

75.Tia Greene-----Shoppes at Parma - Parma, OH

76.Jennifer Kall-----Shoppes at Parma - Parma, OH

77.Keri Vizzo-----Shoppes at Parma - Parma, OH

78.Jenny Leposa-----Shoppes at Parma - Parma, OH

79.Baby Defurio-----Southpark- Charlotte, NC

80.Heather Burnette-----Springhurst Town Center- Springhurst, KY

81.Karissa Hul-----Springhurst- Springhurst, KY

82.Lori Ann Messer-----Summit Fritz Farm- Lexington, KY

83.Kayla Slone-Johnson-----Summit Fritz Farm- Lexington, KY

84.Courtney Michelle Rogers-----Summit Fritz Farm- Lexington, KY

85.Katina Dove Hall-----Summit Fritz Farm- Lexington, KY

86.Kimberly Roth-----Summit Fritz Farm- Lexington, KY

87.Megan Bradley Risner-----Summit Fritz Farm- Lexington, KY

88.RogerandLeslie Hamilton-----Summit Fritz Farm- Lexington, KY

89.Jessica Bennett Smith-----Summit Fritz Farm- Lexington, KY

90.Sierra Nicole Blevins-----Summit Fritz Farm- Lexington, KY

91.Sarah Lynn-----Summit Fritz Farm- Lexington, KY

92.Jacobite Babbitt Ward-----Summit Fritz Farm- Lexington, KY

93.Shawna Williams-----The Summit - Birmingham, AL

94.Chandra Knight-----Town Center Plaza - Leawood, KS

95.Brooke Alexandra Juarez-----Town Center Plaza - Leawood, KS

96.Jeni De Muro-----Valencia Town Center- Valencia, CA

97.Marlen Torres-----Valencia Town Center- Valencia, CA

98.Amanda Robert-----Valley Square - Warrington, PA

99.Linda Sue Zorich-----Worthington Place- Worthington, OH

100.Tiffany Bolden Wermter-----Worthington Place- Worthington, OH







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